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A network of ECD Care Centers is available to help patients find knowledgeable doctors to confirm a diagnosis and to provide treatments and ongoing care.  Many patients often experience a long delay from symptom onset to diagnosis.  We understand the wait is extremely difficult for patients and their families.  The difficulties, many times, can continue after diagnosis if the patient is told by their medical team that they have no experience in treating ECD.  We at the ECDGA believe that the identification of Care Centers will help patients as they search to find a medical team in their region with interest and knowledge in treating ECD patients.

Caring for an ECD patient is complicated and takes a team of specialists working together. There are a number of institutions committed to having a team of specialists available to provide the best care to ECD patients. This network of ECD Care Referral Centers is available to help ECD patients and will work with a patient’s local medical team.  Patients and local doctors are urged to reach out to the contacts at these centers for help in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring ECD patients.

There are two types of ECD Care Centers: Referral Center and an Emerging Center.

An ECD Referral Care Center is one where the institution or a physician at the institution has treated five or more ECD patients. These centers are willing and able to prescribe ECD treatments. The lead physician at each center is willing to provide formal or informal consultation on ECD cases at other centers, subject to local policies and procedures related to performing these consultations. These centers also have a pathologist familiar with heterogeneous histopathological manifestations of ECD who is willing to collaborate on ECD cases.

An ECD Emerging Care Center is an institution that is interested in caring for ECD patients but has not yet treated five or more ECD patients. Any medical professional interested in identifying his/her institution as a Referral or Emerging Care Center is encouraged to contact the organization.

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